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October 20

MacBook Air

It looks dangerously thin, I’d actually be a little afraid to touch it at this point. I’m not really digging the wedge shape so much, but maybe it’ll grow on me. It’s got flash memory which should provide better battery life as well as being instantly-on like the iPad. The leaked innards were pretty on the mark, as that’s exactly what the real MBA looks like. There are two USB ports now, and they’re fixed rather than being mounted on an opening panel. An SD card reader has also been added, making Air a bit more useful. There are also two versions- a 13.3 inch and an 11.6 inch version. Now, 11 inches seems to be treading pretty close to netbook territory, and didn’t Apple say they were never building a netbook? Pricing goes from $999 to $1699, which will definitely make these better sellers than the previous MBA. I can already see college students everywhere snatching them up, as the 13 inch MacBook Pro is a huge hit with them already.

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Pregame Speculation

With the Apple event a mere 30 minutes away, I’m pretty excited to hear what’s going down. There’s already been “leaks” of the MacBook Air’s spec, but I’m hoping that Apple will surprise us and make something more interesting than a simple hardware update. Maybe make the MBA even thinner, or even cheaper? However I don’t think Apple will drop the price on the MBA, because with the supposed 11-inch screen, it’ll be encroaching on iPad territory.

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