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October 20

App Store Opening Within 90 Days

Awesome, so we don’t have to wait until Lion comes out in Summer of 2011.

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Mac App Store

C’mon, we all saw this happening. It’s convenient for average users, and the auto-update feature is much appreciated as well. But please keep Mac OS X open, as in allow anybody to develop for it and not have to pass through Apple’s draconian App Store review process.

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Facetime on Mac

Let the porn industry rejoice, for now you can use a Mac to do Facetime.

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Garageband 2011

So apparently it has this feature which corrects bad timing, it’s like autotune but for bad guitarists. Maybe I’m being a bit too cynical when I can already foresee a whole new generation of pop music where musicians can’t even stay in 4/4 time. Joy to the world.

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October 19

Apple Event Tomorrow

Rumors have been surrounding this event ever since Apple announced it, and there’s good reason for it- it’s the first Mac-related event Apple’s had in a very long time. The lion on the invitation implies that the next version of OS X will be called OS X Lion. Name aside, I’m willing to bet that it will be a more significant update than Snow Leopard was. Hopefully Apple will reunite Aqua or make a new UI, as Mac OS X still doesn’t have one unified interface. Garageband, iTunes, and Quicktime all have completely different interfaces, with Quicktime being rather iOS inspired, and Garageband having wood for some reason. What does wood have to do with recording music? The MacBook Air is most likely getting an update as well. I doubt that there will be two sizes as some people are rumoring, as having additional sizes would fragment the Air line. Back in the day, Steve Jobs made sure to cut Apple down to making four main computers, not 30+ like Dell or HP.

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