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November 01

Daylight Savings Bug

Like in Australia a couple weeks earlier, when Europe went off DST, iPhones went off late, making some bosses and workers rather unhappy. Seems like a pretty major and costly bug for such a well-developed phone such as the iPhone. One can only begin to wonder how many hours of productivity have been lost worldwide due to this bug. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in 4.2.

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October 27

Myspace Launches New Design

In a last-ditch attempt to gain back users from Facebook, Myspace has relaunched with a newer layout. The layout is an improvement over the godawful old one, but it’s the experience that’s going to make or break it. And an ad-filled, inconsistent experience isn’t a good one, despite what the corporates running it may think.

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PSP Phone

Funny how Sony ran ads making fun of thr iPhone and now they go and make something similar. Who’s laughing now, Sony?

Also, it appears to be based on Android, so expect to see Playstation games appearing on other Android phones, officially or not.

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October 25

Ray Ozzie's Corporatespeak

That’s Microsoft for you, right there. It’s apparently a memo on the state of Microsoft, but worded in such a way that makes it difficult to understand what he’s getting at. I guess Microsoft didn’t get the memo that transparency doesn’t only mean writing about your company, it also means the consumer has to understand what the hell you’re getting at. It still puzzles me why corporate suits choose to communicated in such a wordy, bullshit-laced way. Only place this kind of wording would be useful for is on an English final that you didn’t study for at all. In contrast to that crap, see Panic’s blog, which is clearly worded and engaging.

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