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November 04

No Facebook iPad App

Mark Zuckerberg has more or less confirmed that there will be no iPad app for Facebook, saying the iPad “is a computer.” As big as the iPad’s screen may be, the browsing experience is still way different, and Facebook’s mouse-oriented UI just doesn’t cut it for the iPad. Maybe one of the makers of the numerous 3rd party Facebook apps is paying Zuckerberg off to say this.

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November 02

$10 Smartphone

Smartphones have generally been rather expensive as compared to their “dumbphone” counterparts, but with this $10 Android phone from T-Mobile, the dumbphone’s days are numbered. This could be both good and bad: good in that people benefit from having smartphones, bad because the number of car accidents from idiots browsing Facebook while driving will skyrocket. Then again, it would be good population control.

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November 01

Daylight Savings Bug

Like in Australia a couple weeks earlier, when Europe went off DST, iPhones went off late, making some bosses and workers rather unhappy. Seems like a pretty major and costly bug for such a well-developed phone such as the iPhone. One can only begin to wonder how many hours of productivity have been lost worldwide due to this bug. Hopefully it’ll be fixed in 4.2.

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