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October 25

Apple To Increase Size Of Data Center

Reportedly, Apple is increasing the size of its still-unfinished data center in Norh Carolina. Some people say it’s for Apple’s upcoming streaming music service, but I highly doubt it. Music providers won’t even allow Apple to make longer previews, so streaming music seems like a stretch at this point. I’m willing to bet that it’s for one of (or all of) three things:

  • Ping. If it ever gets bigger, Apple will need an infrastructure big enough to handle it.
  • Apple TV. Apple needs the servers for Apple TV’s streaming service.
  • Mac App Store. iOS apps are mostly small in size, whereas Mac OS X apps are not. Apple needs power to handle numerous simultaneous downloads of possibly large files, especially if giants like Autodesk and Adobe ever make it into the Mac App Store.
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October 22

HP Slate Fail

Now pardon my English, but what the fuck is the point of all these stickers? If Apple can leave them out, why can’t HP? I mean, they’re already copying the iPad with the design of the Slate, why not copy the simplicity and common sense of it too? Design by committee strikes once again.

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iPhone Surpasses Blackberry

C’mon, you knew this was going to happen. RIM’s feeble attempts at gaining back users with the Torch and the new webkit-based browser were too little, too late. Funny how only a year ago, Blackberry still had a firm grip on the market. Oh how times change.

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October 20

MacBook Air

It looks dangerously thin, I’d actually be a little afraid to touch it at this point. I’m not really digging the wedge shape so much, but maybe it’ll grow on me. It’s got flash memory which should provide better battery life as well as being instantly-on like the iPad. The leaked innards were pretty on the mark, as that’s exactly what the real MBA looks like. There are two USB ports now, and they’re fixed rather than being mounted on an opening panel. An SD card reader has also been added, making Air a bit more useful. There are also two versions- a 13.3 inch and an 11.6 inch version. Now, 11 inches seems to be treading pretty close to netbook territory, and didn’t Apple say they were never building a netbook? Pricing goes from $999 to $1699, which will definitely make these better sellers than the previous MBA. I can already see college students everywhere snatching them up, as the 13 inch MacBook Pro is a huge hit with them already.

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App Store Opening Within 90 Days

Awesome, so we don’t have to wait until Lion comes out in Summer of 2011.

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